Our most cost-effective DISCOUNTED RATES are our Block Rates.

OUR BEST BLOCK DISCOUNTS currently start at  4 Hour Block at a significantly discounted rate of ONLY $35.00 per hour, in comparison to our ProAudio Production hourly rate.

Our Hourly Rate start at $60 per hour.  So, as you can see, our discounted rates are really an excellent deal at almost %50 OFF or half the cost of our hourly rate, which means it’s actually less expensive to book a (Discounted) 4 hours session then 3 hours at our regular hourly rate!

Music Videos, TV, Radio and HD Multimedia Internet Commercials will of course vary based upon the complexity of the particular project at hand.

Be sure to ask about our EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE Multimedia Ready, Fully Functional e-commerce Website and Ap Development packages for the marketing of your your next National Quality TrackCrafters Production.

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