Learn Music Production

Each on-line ZOOM Class Session is specifically tailored  to “YOUR” unique interests and level of knowledge.

So, if weather you’re a complete beginner who’s arriving knowing absolutely nothing at all and need to start from the very beginning, or someone who has been in the Biz for years and simply wants to brush-up or learn the ins-and-outs of a particular new music production program; your absolutely welcome!

No matter where you’re at!  We’ve got you covered!  From Crafting Hard Hitting RAP Beets to Creating Symphonic Orchestral Movie Sound Tracks, TrackCrafters will no doubt fit you like a glove.

That’s because, we start teaching you from where your at.  And most importantly, it’s always at an appropriate pace for “YOU”, not at the pace of that WIZ KID Know It All Teacher’s Pet in the front row.  But at a flexible well suited pace which allows you to move along at your own level of understanding.  Our ONE-ON-ONE Personalized Tutoring Sessions allow you to learn faster or slower on any subjects according to your own particular rate of understanding.   And most importantly, TrackCrafter’s EMMY Award Winning Producer will be tutoring you in your own individualized class to insure  FULL ABSORPTION !    So you walk out actually knowing (with full confidence) whatever it was you came to TrackCrafters to lean.


With TrackCrafters Music Production Classes being One On One Tutorial Session, and each session being conducted as an INDIVIDUALIZED INSTRUCTION,  we must also (of course) remain reasonably selective as to whom we bring into our Instructional Environment.  Not everyone who applies is accepted, and all students under the age of 18 Y.O.A. must always (without exception) have an adult (parent of legal guardian) present.

So, calling (352) 283-3023 will enable you to scheduled a preliminary meeting with our producer to see if TrackCrafters would be the right fit.

If selected to schedule a starting date for your  1-ON-1 tutorial sessions, an advanced payment of your first 4 Hour Tutorial Class ($140) will be required to have been paid in full, prior to your scheduled first session’s start date.

So, give us a call.

We look very much forward to hearing from you!