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The following DocuMercial was commissioned by

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We produce all and any genre of music, from Pop to Rock, R&B and Country Western, even International like the following simple montage of clips.

The following extremely affordable Music Video was produced for local Gainesville area Folk Singer/Songwriter Thomas Semancik who requested our Full Service Package assistance which covered all of the following:

  • Writing and Performing all music accompaniments to Thomas’ 11 Solo Folk Guitar Performance
  • Produce, MIX & MASTER Thomas’ Full “Northern Ohio” Album
  • Produce Album’s Cover Graphic Art
  • Coordinated CD’s DisMarker’s Lacker Mast & Physical Pressing
  • Designed Construct all aspects of the Project’s Fully Functional e-Commerce Ready Website for the Direct Marketing, Distribution and Selling of the project’s individual song and full album downloads.
  • Thomas’ Package also included our Level 1 Music Industry Marketing which included the placement of completed project on over 57 Major Internet Music Marketing Venues as well as shopped Thomas’ product directly to a number of Independent Labels as well as several U.S. and International Major National Record Labels.